Month: December 2016

World Development Indicators

(This datasets was published on Kaggle community)


World Development Indicators from the World Bank explore country development indicators from around the world contain over a thousand annual indicators of economic development from hundreds of countries around the world.

world-development-indicators release-2016-01-28-06-31-53 (368 MB) contains 6 files in csv format, 1 file in sqlite format, and 1 file in hashes.txt: 

  • Indicators.csv: (contains 6 fields, yearly data from 1960 – 2016: for each indicators in a country it was available)
  • Country.csv: (contains 31 fields)
  • CountryNotes.csv: (contains 3 fields)
  • FootNotes.csv: (contains 4 fields)
  • Series.csv: (contains 20 fields)
  • SeriesNotes.csv: (contains 3 fields)
  • database.sqlite: (1.31 GB)
  • hashes.txt


Here’s a list of the available indicators along with a list of the available countries by Ben Hamner.


World Gender Statistics

(This datasets was published on Kaggle community, and a dataset created by Ed King)


The Gender Statistics database is a comprehensive source for the latest sex-disaggregated data and gender statistics covering demography, education, health, access to economic opportunities, public life and decision-making, and agency.

world-gender-statistics (11 MB) contains 6 files in csv format:

  • Data.csv: (contains 5 fields, yearly data from 1960 – 2016: one column EACH for the value of the variable in each year it was available)
  • Country.csv: (contains 34 fields)
  • Country-Series.csv: (contains 3 fields)
  • FootNote.csv: (contains 4 fields)
  • Series-Time.csv: (contains 3 fields)
  • Series.csv: (contains 20 fields)