Microeconomics Theory

d-shift_new_equilibrium  price_ceiling

(Document is in Bahasa Indonesia)

1-supy-demand-501. Supply, Demand, and Market Concept                download-buttons-75

2-consumerbehavior-502. Consumer and Producer Behaviordownload-buttons-75

3-producer-behavior-503. Producer Behavior (Production Theory)download-buttons-75

4-cost-production-504. Cost of Production Theory download-buttons-75

5. Competitive Market Structuredownload-buttons-75

6. Monopoly and Monopolistic Market Structuredownload-buttons-75

7. Duopoly and Oligopoly Market Structuredownload-buttons-75

8. Monopsony Market Structuredownload-buttons-75



Practices (Soal Latihan)

mikro-practices-501. Soal Latihan (Demand/Supply, Elastisitas, dan Teori Konsumen) dl-red






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