A Handbook of Statistical Analyses using SPSS

spss-coverSPSS, standing for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, is a powerful, user-friendly software package for the manipulation and statistical analysis of data. The package is particularly useful for students and researchers in psychology, sociology, psychiatry, and other behavioral sciences, containing as it does an extensive range of both univariate and multivariate procedures much used in these disciplines. Our aim in this handbook is to give brief and straightforward descriptions of how to conduct a range of statistical analyses using the latest version of SPSS, SPSS 11. download-buttons-75

Each chapter deals with a different type of analytical procedure applied to one or more data sets primarily (although not exclusively) from the social and behavioral areas. Although we concentrate largely on how to use SPSS to get results and on how to correctly interpret these results, the basic theoretical background of many of the techniques used is also described in separate boxes. When more advanced procedures are used, readers are referred to other sources for details. Many of the boxes contain a few mathematical formulae, but by separating this material from the body of the text, we hope that even readers who have limited mathematical background will still be able to undertake appropriate analyses of their data.

The text is not intended in any way to be an introduction to statistics and, indeed, we assume that most readers will have attended at least one statistics course and will be relatively familiar with concepts such as linear regression, correlation, significance tests, and simple analysis of variance. Our hope is that researchers and students with such a background will find this book a relatively self-contained means of using SPSS to analyze their data correctly.