Advanced Calculus

Cover-Advance CalculusA key ingredient in learning mathematics is problem solving. This is the strength, and no doubt the reason for the longevity of Professor Spiegel’s advanced calculus. His collection of solved and unsolved problems remains a part of this second edition. download-buttons-75

Advanced calculus is not a single theory. However, the various sub-theories, including vector analysis, infinite series, and special functions, have in common a dependency on the fundamental notions of the calculus. An important objective of this second edition has been to modernize terminology and concepts, so that the interrelationships become clearer. For example, in keeping with present usage functions of a real variable are automatically single valued; differentials are defined as linear functions, and the universal character of vector notation and theory are given greater emphasis. Further explanations have been included and, on occasion, the appropriate terminology to support them. The order of chapters is modestly rearranged to provide what may be a more logical structure.