Panel Data Econometrics: Theoretical Contributions and Empirical Applications

Cover-Panel-DataPanel data econometrics has evolved rapidly over the last decade. Dynamic panel data estimation, non-linear panel data methods and the phenomenal growth in non-stationary panel data econometrics makes this an exciting area of research in econometrics. The 11th international conference on panel data held at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, June 2004, witnessed about 150 participants and 100 papers on panel data. download-buttons-75

This series consists of a number of hitherto unpublished studies, which are introduced by the editors in the belief that they represent fresh contributions to economic science. The term ‘economic analysis’ as used in the title of the series has been adopted because it covers both the activities of the theoretical economist and the research worker. Although the analytical method used by the various contributors are not the same, they are nevertheless conditioned by the common origin of their studies, namely theoretical problems encountered in practical research.

Since for this reason, business cycle research and national accounting, research work on behalf of economic policy, and problems of planning are the main sources of the subjects dealt with, they necessarily determine the manner of approach adopted by the authors. Their methods tend to be ‘practical’ in the sense of not being too far remote from application to actual economic conditions. In addition, they are quantitative. It is the hope of the editors that the publication of these studies will help to stimulate the exchange of scientific information and to reinforce international cooperation in the field of economics.


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