Camp Management Toolkit

Cover-Camp Management Toolkit-1This new 2015 edition of the Camp Management Toolkit should remain a living document for many years. It has been updated by camp management professionals and is produced by and for field personnel. Your feedback, comments and proposed changes may be submitted via the relevant agencies or the Global CCCM website ( In order to keep this tool updated, your proposals are strongly encouraged. This edition will be the last printed hardcopy. An electronic version will be available on the Global CCCM Cluster website and at download-buttons-75

The first edition (2004) of the Camp Management Toolkit was designed to provide a more precise guide to knowledge and know-how relating to camp management. Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) is a recognised priority sector. Sector actors realised the need for a common tool for all camp management professionals.

The Camp Management Toolkit has been designed to highlight Camp Management Agencies’ roles and responsibilities for each aspect of camp life. It contains a large amount of cross sectorial information linked to the camp life cycle and sets out the most essential issues concerning protection and assistance offered in a camp. This guide includes practical advice to assist Camp Management Agencies in the management and coordination of a camp as well as to ensure respect for the rights of the displaced. The Camp Management Toolkit is neither a political document nor a directive to follow. Rather, it is the fruit of practical advice gained through the experience of CCCM professionals. All users need to contextualise guidance provided in the Toolkit.


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