Data Science Crash-Course

cover-Data Science Crash CourseDATA SCIENCE IS ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE SKILLS OF THE 21ST CENTURY.  So you want to learn data science. That’s awesome. Right now, the world has more data than we know what to do with. Some writers have called it “the data deluge,” which sounds hyperbolic, but it’s fairly accurate. Corporations, non-profits, scientists, even individuals now have the ability to capture massive amounts of data. Meanwhile, the world desperately needs insight. The world is overrun with problems waiting to be solved, we just need insight into how to fix those problems. download-buttons-75

So we have plenty of data. And lots of problems waiting to be solved. What we don’t have is enough people to analyze that data. We need insight, but don’t have enough people to produce it. That’s where you come in. Data science is one of the biggest opportunities of this century. If you can master the skills of data, you’ll not only be able to add massive value to the world by understanding and fixing complex problems, but also capture some of the value you create (in the form of profit). Want to change the world? Want to create real value and build wealth? Learn data science.