Modern Multivariate Statistical Techniques

Cover-Modern-Multivariate-This book invites the reader to learn about multivariate analysis, its modern ideas, innovative statistical techniques, and novel computational tools, as well as exciting new applications. download-buttons-75

The need for a fresh approach to multivariate analysis derives from three recent developments. First, many of our classical methods of multivariate analysis have been found to yield poor results when faced with the types of huge, complex data sets that private companies, government agencies, and scientists are collecting today; second, the questions now being asked of such data are very different from those asked of the much-smaller data sets that statisticians were traditionally trained to analyze; and, third, the computational costs of storing and processing data have crashed over the past decade, just as we see the enormous improvements in computational power and equipment. All these rapid developments have now made the efficient analysis of more complicated data a lot more feasible than ever before.

Multivariate statistical analysis is the simultaneous statistical analysis of a collection of random variables. It is partly a straightforward extension of the analysis of a single variable, where we would calculate, for example, measures of location and variation, check violations of a particular distributional assumption, and detect possible outliers in the data. Multivariate analysis improves upon separate univariate analyses of each variable in a study because it incorporates information into the statistical analysis about the relationships between all the variables.