Seamless R and C++ Integration with Rcpp

COVER-inset-aRcpp is an R add-on package which facilitates extending R with C++ functions. It is being used for anything from small and quickly constructed add-on functions written either to fluidly experiment with something new or to accelerate computing by replacing an R function with its C++ equivalent to large-scale bindings for existing libraries, or as a building block in entirely new research computing environments. While still relatively new as a project, Rcpp has already become widely deployed among users and developers in the R community. Rcpp is now the most popular language extension for the R system and used by over 100 CRAN packages as well as ten BioConductor packages. download-buttons-75

This books aims to provide a solid introduction to Rcpp.

This book is for R users who would like to extend R with C++ code. Some familiarity with R is certainly helpful; a number of other books can provide refreshers or specific introductions. C++ knowledge is also helpful, though not strictly required. An appendix provides a very brief introduction for C++ to those familiar only with the R language. The book should also be helpful to those coming to R with more of a C++ programming background. However, additional background readingmay be required to obtain a firmer grounding in R itself. Chambers (2008) is a good introduction to the philosophy behind the R system and a helpful source in order to acquire a deeper understanding. There may also be some readers who would like to see how Rcpp works internally. Covering that aspect, however, requires a fairly substantial C++ content and is not what this book is trying to provide. The focus of this book is clearly on how to use Rcpp.